WOW! Woman welcomes triplet after 17 years of marriage (photos)


There is a time and season for everything. No matter what you go through in life, a time will come when everything will fall perfectly into place. 

For those who are waiting anxiously on God for one favour or the other, it may seem like an awfully long wait. It is in the human nature for us to worry and get weary over certain things even though it cannot change anything.

Not being able to give birth in marriage is a situation that will drive any woman nuts. In this part of the world where so much pressure is being laid on women who cannot bear children for their husbands, you can imagine how devastated the women will be.

Woman who gave birth to triplet after 17 years shares her story

Being childless is a situation that will test and change anyone’s faith. Only those who are steadfast and strong enough will get through this ordeal with songs of victory.

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The Olagunjus have quite a story to tell since they got married in 1992. They believe God’s love and grace helped them get through that dark phase of their lives. Mrs. Kehinde had a lot of things to say about this period because she felt she was the only one God was not listening to.

She was so sure of this because she got married on the same day as her twin sister. Her twin had no delay as she gave birth to her children without any glitch. During the waiting, she cried, prayed and did everything possible spiritually and medically.

Woman who gave birth to triplet after 17 years shares her story

Her husband remained supportive of her because he knew she was not barren. His wife had first taken in in 1996, but she lost the pregnancy. Whenever anyone asked them about their childlessness, he was quick to tell them ‘God is in control.’

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Mrs. Kehinde had lots of miscarriages; she had 4 corrective surgeries during this period. She travelled to the UK at some point when she got pregnant. She eventually lost the baby and concluded she would never have children of her own.

17 long years after being joined in holy matrimony to her husband, Dr. Olagunju, they had the triplet. She and her husband were blessed with three babies at once; 2 girls and a boy. Mrs. Kehinde had encouraged her husband to get married to another woman when the burden was too much for her but he did not.

The couple had the babies through assisted reproductive technology like the inVitro fertilization. The children were given beautiful names that speak of God’s love and mercies on the family. By the time she gave birth to the babies, her twin sister’s first born was already an undergraduate at the university.

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The delivery was done in Canada; she recalled crying after the cesarean section was done. The doctors cried with her as they glorified God on her behalf. These children are 6 years old now and still kicking.

This exciting news proofs that God still answers prayers. His ways are totally different from ours, but He will always be a faithful God.

Source: Naij