Woman sees this HUGE anaconda from a small boat and this happens!


ыEven meeting a small snake can be pretty scary. After all it can be venomous. But facing a huge anaconda in the water is life threatening! What this man did to the snake is a shock.

The family was in a small boat in some river in South America, when the woman started screaming in dismay. The man touched something with the paddle. It turned out to be a huge snake (anaconda), which just has eaten a large prey.

When you hear the screams of the lady in the boat, you would know she takes the incident seriously. And she is dreadfully afraid of what the snake might do to their small vessel. Luckily, its belly is full and it tries to get away from people. However, the man has other plans.

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One person films how the hideous creature with huge swollen belly swims in the river. The paddle man rows after it. When he approaches the anaconda… well, you better see the shocking thing he does with your own eyes.

A pretty shocking encounter and could be lethal! Living in the wild is dangerous.