Wishing tree: The most accurate personality test ever made!


Make a wish and choose any fruit on the tree. Below, you will see the answer. Will your wish come true?

1 – You are a confident person with adequate self-esteem. Your wish is bound to come true, as you are ready to work a lot for it.

2 – You are a vigorous and ambitious person. You know, that not everything is written in the stars, and are ready to struggle for your happiness. With this approach, even the wildest dream will come true!

3 – You prefer to go with a flow. Unfortunately, you often miss the chance to change for the better because of this habit. Just try to be a bit more ambitious and believe in yourself, and all you’ve been dreaming about will become a reality.

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4 – You are strict both to others and to yourself. When you have a goal, you don’t pity yourself and bulldoze your way through. So, keep moving!

5 – You lack patience and miss a lot of opportunities because of that. Don’t rush. Take a deep breath. Your dream will surely come true, if you ease up a bit.

6 – You are a very lucky, but quite a lazy person. To make your wish come true, you’ve got to move for it.

7 – Your wish will  be surely fulfilled a bit later. Take your time.

8 – You seem to be hung up on your wish. Try to “forget” about it for some time. Stop thinking of it every single minute, and it will come true very soon.

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9 – Your wish is going to come true very soon, but you may regret it later.

10 – You should be more moderate in your demands. Try to eat the elephant bit by bit and ask the Universe for smaller favors.

11 – There’s only one thing that doesn’t let your dream come true: you do nothing about it.

12 – Your dream is about to come true.