What! You will not believe what this Ibo man was seen doing in London


– Another cross dresser who is of Ibo origin has emerged

– Now, this ‘man’ is different from Bobrisky as he identifies as a woman

– He was found in London

Ibo Nigerian transgenderSpotted in South London, this transgender says he is an Ibo man

Wonders, shall never end goes a popular saying. Judging by recent occurrences in Nigeria, we will continue to see ‘wonders’ for a long time.

We now have men going about dressing like women, women doing the same. Ask yourself this, would this have happened years ago? Of course not. But one must agree that as a new generation emerges, new ‘eccentricities’ are bound to emerge also.

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Just days ago, Idris Okuneye aka Bobrisky a well-known cross dresser admitted in a recent interview  that he wasn’t gay even going further to say that he supports Nigeria’s anti-homosexual law ( he has since apologized for this).

Now, a new video has emerged showing another cross dresser.  This man who was found in America identifies as a woman and he is proud of this. See him below:

My people, things are happening o!


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