Top Secrets Revealed For a Happy Marriage



Too many people think marriage automatically denotes “happily ever after” without realizing the desired outcome actually takes effort.

If you want a happy marriage, there are a lot of things your marriage needs from both partners. While scrolling social media won’t fix your marriage, these inspirational Instagram thoughts are a great place to start:

1. Be “the one” for your spouse, and choose your spouse continually

2. Never stop the romance

3. Be the best kind of example for your kids

4. Don’t fix your spouse; love your spouse

5. Interact in unity

6. Focus on the best and you’ll see the best

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7. Don’t make assumptions … communicate!

8. Never stop dating

9. Give respect

10. Don’t breed negativity

11. A compliment a day … goes a long way

12. . Be humble, gentle, and patient

13. Never abuse. Emotional, physical, verbal and s*xual abuse do not belong in marriage

14. Stick together through trials; it will make your marriage stronger

15. Protect your spouse’s heart as your own