No man on earth can satisfy any woman SEXUALLY- controversial Ghanaian pastor


Ghanaian marriage counselor claims no man in the world can satisfy any woman sexually

The controversial Ghanaian marriage counselor proclaimed it is impossible for any man to sexually satisfy any woman in the world and women only fake moan to make the men happy.

George LutterodtMarriage counselor, George Lutterodt says no man on earth can satisfy any woman sexually

George Lutterodt is a Ghanaian marriage counselor who doubles as a pastor. He started gaining audience on his controversial marriage advices. The very opinionated counselor once said couples who engage in doggy style end up getting divorced early.

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His most recent controversial statement seems to be making a lot of men angry. Men who will usually beat their chest to being a Jackie Chan in “the other room” are now doubting their skills after Reverend George Lutterodt boldly stated that no man on earth can claim to ever satisfying any woman in bed and that women only fake moans and screams to keep their male counterparts happy.

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According to reports, he said: “No man can satisfy any woman sexually on this earth, the thank you they say is appreciation for your time wasted. She is fanning your ego to let you know that you are counted among the lot. There are differences in the way we have the excitement, satisfaction and the pretenses. Most of the moaning all are lies. Men are vulnerable sexually, the male organ is the most vulnerable organ in the world and is so disgraceful. Every hole you place it in, it’s happy. It appreciates and responds to every vagina.”
It’s very disgraceful, unlike the vagina which has eyes and mouth, the penis has only mouth and no eyes that is why every erection needs direction. If you have an erection, it needs direction. So any man who does not ejaculate needs to be examined, it’s a serious disorder and needs a counselor to manage him.”

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Dear men, what is your answer to this?