A New Digital Marketing Platform Creates a Solution To Website Traffic


Gochimark INC (www.gochimark.net) a business process consulting & Technology firm, announces the launch of its digital marketing platform, www.onlineadvertpros.com. This platform presents a solution for bloggers, e-commerce platforms, and other websites to optimize their digital presence, and drive huge traffic to their website. The services provided by onlineadvertpros.com includes, pay per click campaigns, social media optimization, search engine optimization, Google AdWords, video ad creation and marketing.

According to the Executive Director of Gochimark INC, Mr Gochi Apuamaga, “we design websites and e-commerce platforms for clients which is the first step in digital presence, but that is not enough. Most of our clients come back to us and ask how can they attract visitors to their sites without having to break the bank. As a result, I brought together a team of expert to research on the most effective and cheap ways of generating traffic and optimizing digital presence. The outcome of this investigation led to onlineadvertpros.com”.

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In another interview with the CEO of PadronConsulting,  Mr Austin A., he said; “one of our major challenge was how to generate traffic for our site and also optimize our search engine ranking. Most pay per click platform are expensive, and generate traffic using robots. As a result, the traffic generated are not unique and don’t count on our Cpanel. But when we tried onlineadvertpros.com, the prices were cheap, and we were given a personal login which allowed us to view the performance of our site in real time. In less than a month, I checked our C-panel, and the results were amazing, all the visits were unique. Now, we are beginning to generate more leads as a result of our online campaigns”

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Online Advert Pros comprises of a team of experts from various backgrounds including digital marketing professionals, IT experts, Management consultants, and successful e-commerce owners.

source: grandinvestors.com