Get these 7 things on your wish list. A house that has them is a paradise!


Many people are willing to pay much to create expensive and luxury atmosphere in their homes. But at times imagination can do more than money! Take a look at the 7 things we all would want to have in our homes! They are amazing!

7 dream things to have in your house:

7 is the number of perfection. With these rennovaitons your house will be perfect indeed!

1. Outdoor – Indoor pool

Is it getting windy or too hot outside to enjoy your pool? No problem! You can chill out and swin indoors and enjoy yourself.

indoor outdoor pool

2. Transparent tub

Clear as crystal! It almost feels like you swin in the ocean!

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transparent tub

3. Aquarium bed

No sleep problems are guaranteed! It calms down your nerves and creates the hottest atmosphere for sex.

Aquarium bed

4. Beach table

Dreaming to work at the beach, staying relaxed and enjoying yourself? This beach pad is so easy to create and it’s cheap, too!

beach table

5. Stair slide

Going up and down all the time? It’s boring! Sliding down is so much fun both for kids and adults!

stair slide

6. Storage

You do not need more space. All you need is to manage the one you’ve got better. And this under the staircase storage option is just perfect!



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