10 Popular Relationship Advice You Should Never Listen To


We have rounded up 10 of the very worst relationship advice most commonly told. Be wary of these advice as they can really influence your love life:

1. It is better to be loved than to love. Love cannot only go one way – it must be received and it must also be reciprocated. Limiting the love you feel and express towards your partner would only to create suffering for yourself.

2. You should always come first in the relationship. You are supposed to be equal with your partner – neither of you are better than each other or more important. The minute you put your needs beyond your partner’s is the moment you decrease the success of your relationship.

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3. You can change a man into the version you want. You should not be with someone in order to change them – you should be with them for the person they already are. Your partner is supposed to be your romantic spouse not a project.

4. You don’t have to do anything for the right man to come. You will never meet anyone if all you do is stay at home. You must put yourself out there, go out, meet new people, do activities that expose you to people and be open to dating.

5. Don’t have such high standards. Don’t be fooled into thinking that having high standards is the reason you still haven’t found any man. The whole point of having standards is so that you don’t settle for second best or end up being with someone you don’t really like just so you’re not alone.

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6. Give your partner signs that you are unhappy. Unless your partner is a psychic, be clear with what you want and what you need. Communicate clearly and sensitively – that is the only way your partner will know how you feel.

7. All you need is love. Love is never going to be enough to make a marriage work and last a lifetime. There must be love sure, but there must also be friendship, commitment, shared morals and values, sacrifice and compromise.

8. There is only one perfect person for you. This is most certainly not true because there are plenty great men for you out there – not just one. Thinking this way will only make you feel miserable when you haven’t found ‘the one’ yet.

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9. Get your parents or his parents to deal with your relationship. Your relationship should remain between you and your partner only – no one else, especially not your parents or his.

10. Playing hard to get is a must! When you play hard to get, the only men you will end up attracting are players. Real men want straightforward women because they don’t have the time or the energy to play around.

Credit: bridestory.com